Breakaway .

I actually went through quite some trouble sharing this video. They didnt have it on youtube and the embedding of the video from myspace didnt really work. So i had to upload it myself and made my first youtube entry. Im happy its finally working…

I never really knew what to think of the expression “avantgardistic art”. It sounds like a lot of crap to me. However, Bruce Conner might best be described as an avant-gardist. He was renowned for his legendary experimental film such as Breakaway, The White Rose, Mongoloid among others. Back in the days these videos were pretty pioneering. He shunned the use of conventional art materials in favor of discarded objects.

 This video is my personal favourite. Inofficially it is supposed to be the first music video way before MTV started broadcasting.

The five-minute Breakaway shows Antonia Christina Basilotta (Toni Basil) shimmy, tease, gyrate, and luxuriate in various states of undress. The music, Ed Cobb’s “Breakaway”, the B-side of Basilotta’s first single, is a throaty pop-tune with low-brow mid-’60s “lib” lyrics (“I’m gonna break away from all the chains that bind, and everyday I’ll wear what I want and do what suits me fine”), a cross between Nancy Sinatra and Martha and the Vandellas. The song lasts two minutes and 30 seconds, after which the entire short, picture and soundtrack, runs backwards to the beginning.

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