Flat Panel Loudspeakers .

So i heard about this talking to another student, who works for Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT in Ilmenau, Germany. Scientists there (under the special direction of Mr. Brandenburg (inventor and developper of MP3) ) together with Sennheiser have developed the ultra flat loudspeaker that measures only 24mm thick. “Even if these flat panel loudspeakers are placed directly on the wall or integrated into media equipment or furniture, they can reproduce a frequency range from 100Hz-20kHz,” says Dr Sandra Brix (i guess thats the lady on the picture?) from IDMT.

Lovers of ‘slim technology’ will surely fall in love with the new concept ultra-flat speakers. At least i already have fallen in love with them. Dont put loudspeakers on your wall, make the wall your loudspeakers – how cool is that?!

I contacted them, but unfortunately they wouldnt send me any pictures. This is all i could find.

flat speaker

For further information check their website.


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