Guerilla Shooting .

Here is the introduction to what we did today. I went to Kaufland supermarket and this is what i saw: “Half a Pig in 2 Bags” 1,99/kg. You could purchase both bags with the chopped up body parts from the pig for about 34 Euros. Thus, with these 2 bags youd buy 17 kilos of pig at once. Who does that?


Ok, so this is what we did. Dress like an idiot. Make an “I ♥ Pig” T-Shirt. Put your sunglasses on. Go to Kaufland. Pose with the pig in the bags. 

. P1080661





Pictures taken by my dear friend Philip. Thank you.




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6 responses to “Guerilla Shooting .

  1. denzolot

    best blog entry, ever

  2. tonymoe

    awesome…ich hau mich wech! 😀

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  4. heiko/pig

    Heo Sörs Du alter Schweineschänder,
    habt Ihr nix anderes zu tun in Illmenau?

    Dann lass und ne Sau grillen zu X-Mas.



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