Street with a view .

Street with a view‘ by Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley “is an ironic [and hilarious] comment on the idea of access to reality through mass-media images”. It is the “first-ever artistic intervention in Google Street View”. (As most of you know, Google Street View is “an online service based on photo material gathered by a panoramic camera attached to the roof of a vehicle driven at slow speeds through city streets all over the world”.) The two artists asked residents from Sampsonia Way in Pittsburgh to join in and do staged collective performances just as the Google Car is driving through the neighbourhood: a 17th century sword fight, a woman escaping through a window using bed linen (picture), a gigantic chicken, a parade, a marathon, etc. The images that document the events have become an integral part of the Google image archive. On the website you can  scroll through Sampsonia Way and see how it all looks like in Goolge Street View. There is also an interesting making of video. Oh, Google played along by the way. Its true – i googled it.

You can see it at Manipulating Reality – its open until January 17 at CCCS-Strozzina in Florence. Found at we-make-money-not-art

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