Distortion .

André Kertész (2 July 1894 – 28 September 1985), born Kertész Andor, was a hungarian-born photographer known for his groundbreaking contributions to photographic composition and by his efforts in establishing and developing the photo essay. In the early years of his lengthy career, his then-unorthodox camera angles, and his unwillingness to compromise his personal photographic style, prevented his work from gaining wider recognition.

found at but does it float. more pictures on higher pictures.



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2 responses to “Distortion .

  1. This is grotesque. This is almost where I become very conservative. I like my nudes nude. By distorting them, it is almost like putting clothes on them. Disgusting. Ridiculous.

  2. unknown

    what its not disgusting at all…its simply amazing! I wonder how he distorted the figures

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