Sudan Votes Music Hopes .

Sudan Votes Music Hopes Remixed & Sudan 365 – A Beat For Peace

Sudan has endured more than four decades of civil war since its independence in 1956. A peace agreement formally ended the conflict in 2005. Now the population of Southern Sudan will have the chance to decide on the region’s secession in a referendum scheduled for January 2011. This is unprecedented on the African continent.
Several organisations have come together from across the world on the Sudan 365 – A Beat For Peace campaign to promote international awareness and advocate a free and fair referendum. The Sudan Votes Music Hopes Remixed project by MICT – Media in Cooperation and Transition joins this global campaign.
The idea of the original album – compiled by singer and songwriter Max Herre – was to bring together artists and musicians from different regions of Sudan to write music to encourage the people of Sudan to make a mark on their future. Famous Sudanese artists such as Emmanuel Jal and Nas Jota feature on the album.
SVMH Remixed aims to increase awareness of the 2011 referendum on an international level. The message of the music was and is: “Yes to political participation! Yes to free and fair elections and a peaceful referendum!”
For the first edition Innervisions presents the Emmanuel Jal EP “Kuar” in two remixed versions by Olof Dreijer and Henrik Schwarz.
MICT has been realising media projects since 2003, focusing on the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa. MICT launched the project Sudan Votes Music Hopes in 2010 as part of a voter and journalist education project funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

(Wahib Soumade)

IV29 / Emmanuel Jal – Kuar (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

IV29 / Emmanuel Jal – Kuar (Olof Dreijer Remix)




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