Script furniture .

I really love the uncommon way Lucas Maassen approaches furniture designing – here a few more of his designs: Script furniture, where a digital computer script has been written for an analogue series of furniture. One part of the script says that “every material can be used only once” another part says “pre-fab material is preferred”. Well, read yourself…

Nano chairs, chairs which are impossible to see with the bare eye. Even a normal microscope won’t do. This chair is only visible with a SEM microscope which gets it’s information by shooting ions at an object that reflect the image. The chair is built with a FIB (Focused Ion Beam), this technique deposits (liquid platinum in this case) layers on a silicium plate. Because of the liquidity of platinum the layers merge into another and melt into one form. Nano chair 1.0 has the size of 5 micron.

Nano chair 2.0 is even smaller: 3 micron.

Brainwave Sofa, the shape of the Brainwave Sofa is entirely determined by recording 3 seconds of Maassen’s neural ‘alpha’ activity the very moment he closed his eyes. The resulting 3 second computer file is sent to a CNC milling machine that mills out the Brainwave sofa in soft foam. It is a tongue-in-cheek reference to a futuristic production workflow in which the designer only has to close his eyes and a computer ‘prints’ the result out as a functional form. A warm grey felt with buttons in the valleys is applied by hand to the foam honoring the traditional codes of a sofa.


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