Trois ellipses ouverts en désordre .

New work by Felice VariniTrois ellipses ouverts en désordre. Who can name the city?Felice Varini - Trois ellipses ouverts en désordre


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Joachim Sputnik work .

Really love Joachim Sputnik’s work. become friends with him on facebook and if youre lucky (and have an interesting fb profile) you might get your fb foto drawn.
work: out of thirty, untitled

43_baumannoutofthirty23w 38_untitled

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Is it da Shoes ?

Well no hes not wearing any, but i highly recommend you watching this video.

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Historic Explosions in Cauliflower .

You just must love the work by Brock Davis, its so clever! Historic explosions depicted with cauliflower.

Cauliflower Hindenburg, 1937

Cauliflower Space Shuttle Challenger, 1986

Cauliflower Nagasaki, 1945

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Lips of Babel .

A video made by Elle Muliarchyk featuring models reciting tongue-twisters in their native language.

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Ryan Halliwill .

Good work by Ryan Halliwill.

via i like this blog

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The message from water .

Dr. Masaru Emoto and his team experiment with water. Before freezing it, the water is exposed to music, prayers, typed words or pictures. Depending on its former exposure, the water – when changing its state of aggregation – responds very differently by forming all kinds of altered crystals. These are some results taken with a microscope camera, you can see more here or read about it there.

Crystal of water that has been exposed with the picture of a cherry blossom.


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