Gallant Apparatus .

Gallant Apparatus‘ is the latest Panoramic Diorama by Mitch Trale and is inspired by Yayoi Kusama (the elderly Japanese lady famous for her dot patterns (black dotted yellow pumpkin?)). I definately havent experienced anything quite similar to Mitch Trales work. His panoramic dioramas really beam you into outer space. Here is what they are and what you have to do:

“Panoramic Diorama are environments which do not strictly enforce orientation or perspective. Viewers can move within the space to see new things, or old things differently. 
You may click and drag your mouse to control your viewport. You may use your keyboard’s arrows to accomplish something similar.”

Ok, enough said. So PLEASE dont be lazy this time and click this link and enter the blue, the red, or and the green door and experience it. These are just some screenshots.


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